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This is the Question posed to me ,after I published this blog,I decided to reply and put this question up front with regards to Misyar Marriage.This practice was abrogated by Allah , before our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)(Peace Be Upon Him)came into existence.Sadly,this is reintroduced to this day.
What's the problem with Misyar Marriage? As long there's a willing party(a woman/a man)there shall not be any objections since this wasdone with the presence of witness.

The marriage was to be in accordance with Islamic recites of "nikah": Solemnisation done in less than five minutes conducted by the Kadhi and with the presence of witnesess so that we don't commit Zina(Adultery).

My answer to this point of evil in Misyar Marriage is as follows:

Right. You did all the right first step by following the "NIKAH" procedures,but what happened to those changes you made along the way when you treat these Muslim women like prostitutes. Misyar may started correctly in "NIKAH" vows but without any Amendments ,as Shariah's Law does not confer since any amendments don't exist in ALQuran and ALHadis, what was claimed in Misyar Marriage steps,definitely this is an Evil Distortions in between the line,in the middle and ending steps -aretotal lies.This is Very Misleading in ISLAM.

This type of marriage method are evil,if you see this on Misyar Marriage (introduced in Malaysia) is very similar to the one in Reno Nevada. I did see many of these practiced today with the same accord and proposals in Misyar Marriage, by offering services to those splitters of Christian faiths by Reno Church,Las Vegas,USA.

People, while going on vacation,they meet up with strangers,many are married men and women, falling in love, "Temporary Lust Love" as they give in to their impulsive sexual needs and at the same time they wanted to show their affections  not wanting to commits adultery sin.

Both are willing parties and they go through 5 minutes of religious rituals in chapel or church,solemnised by the priests and they were pronounced as Husband and Wife.In Malaysia,we do see the same thing happened either in Batam(Indonesia) or Golok(Thailand) .

This is a booming business for the chapels and churches in Reno.After a couple was done with their sexual cravings, they really feel better about themselves and thought they were not going through the prostitution ordeals and not having the thought of having committed the Sin.

After that, when they were both done with their lusts,they packed their things and parted their own way.We can regard this as divorce option on a temporary basis, with the intention to meet up again on their next vacation date.Some already had made their mind known never to meet up again,where it ends there, their first and last sexual encounter as holiday marriage experienced.

As they thought they were smart enough by overriding these religious rituals, a world of goodness process  done just under 5 minutes for themselves.To them, religious marriage procedures had been fullfilled by them as required and they were solemnised by the priests as an affirmation ,therefore there shall be no Sin whatsoever in committing or association with adultery.

These couples were actually committing prostitution the harder way by believing in and thinking of having fool's god,the priest knows it very well and all "Legal" marriages in US,must go through with Marriage License endorsement by registering with US Justice Department to be verified and the couple be screened.

As this is required under US constitutional Law , a couple has to go through tough screening,that alone takes about a week to process to ensure proper checking being done and to be registered ,to prevent the likes of bigamy and polygamy that have not been committed. It is a federal offence in the US for anyone that practise bigamy,polygamy etc and all marriages shall be recorded officially,but in Reno ,it is kid's play,who cares... as long as it generates fund for the chapels and churches.

What these couples do have in mind,is just wanting to cheat themselves in beating religious law rather State's laws as just want to have fun just like those kids at Disneyland.This is what the Misyar Marriage inventor have in mind,they are evil means and mislead others into prostitution acts, which is much worse than prostitution itself,whereas they DO NOT and never use underlying lies excuses through religion to DISTORTED FACTS as what Misyar Marriage does,and please do bear in mind that  ALLAH CANNOT BE CHEATED.

Imagine if this proposal is allowed and made legalized in Malaysia,I cannot imagine the business boom for those Misyar imams and kadhis definitely going to be busy every 5 minutes.Booming business that will surely be florishing with the short "NIKAH" rituals that took less than 5 minutes to take place and it can happen in those places like Lorong Haji Taib, Bukit Bintang or red light district in KL or any other private areas.

With these evil's Misyar Marriage interventions might bring to this once dull places,they can turn these places into interesting Sex Haven without SIN ,with just less in 5 minutes with the "NIKAH" ritual, then so everyone should be happy having this sexual adventure.

Who cares what the bride's parents have to says to this new style of marriage since it is "Modified and Approved Religously". After all, this activity only takes less than an hour to last,the frequency can be anytime in meeting up again and be very irregular.Then these "Proposed wives" can go back to her parent's home happily without any sin tagged along with them and they can forget it just like nothing ever happened".

Worse still if these"Wives"get pregnant,this will be another problem,then we as Muslims should really be concerned about and what these kids' future shall lie,when without a proper upbringing and a good kickstart in their lives.

We are able to predict whether these kids even have the opportunity to see their biological father ever in their lives.Since that,his biological's fathers had already made known of his clear intentions as according to Misyar Marriage in earlier's days declaration of this treaty.They are being excused of any claims whatsoever and are definitely being the pre-emptor caveaters from any legal responsibility and liability proceedings.

Indirectly, we are encouraging those young naive Muslim women to be prostitutes as they see this as moral booster opportunity to make money and enjoy themselves to the supposed newly found profession and was"Approved" in ISLAM(Subahanallah).

ALLAH FIRMAN: SURAH AN NIZA 4.25 and 4.26(4: 25. And forbidden to you are married women, except such as your right hands possess. This has ALLAH enjoined on you. And allowed to you are those beyond that, that you may seek them by means of your property, marrying them properly and not committing fornication. And for the benefit you receive from them, give them their dowries, as fixed, and there is no blame on you what you do by mutual agreement after the fixing of the dowry. Surely ALLAH is All-Knowing, Wise.

4: 26. And whoso of you cannot afford to marry free believing women, let him marry what your right hands possess, namely your believing hand-maids. And ALLAH knows your faith best; you are all one from another; so marry them with the leave of their masters and give them their dowries, according to what is fair, they being chaste, not committing fornication, nor taking secret paramours. And if, after they are married, they are guilty of lewdness, they shall have half the punishment prescribe for free married women. This is for him among you who fears lest he should commit sin. And that you restrain yourselves is better for you; and ALLAH is Most Forgiving, Merciful.)

Misyar Marriage: Just an exegesis excuse to make prostitution legalized in societies that slowly creeps into Religion or it's someone's intention to intervene with purposes just to discredit ISLAM?

Our PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) (PEACE BE UPON HIM)Said " I leave you two things, If YOU hold on to it ,you'll never be MISGUIDED"

1) First follow the Al-Quran

2) Second follow My Way of Life (AL-HADIS)

Interestingly none of the above two statements mention anything about Misyar Marriage, this revelations by the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)( Peace be upon him)through his statements confirmed that Misyah Marriage has nothing to do with ISLAM whatsoever.

This is a very Clear Message to Misyar Marriage's inventors and believers that this absurd intervention is an Evil act.

This is another example of bad habit of human beings, that he tarnishes the image of his religion through his behaviour rather than anything related to one's religion.These actions are just personal excuses to their sexual behaviour, without having any feel of guilt on his own conscience after committing Sins and it is someone's clear intention with hidden agenda to tarnish the true teachings of ISLAM.

This is what the bible says about the existence of Misyar Marriage during those times and period. Jesus in the Greek Bible used the Greek word "Periklytos" which means the admirable or glorified one.Jesus called that predicted human prophet "Periklytos". This word corresponds exactly to the Arabic word "Muhammad" which also means the "admired one" or "glorified one." In other words, "Periklytos" is "Muhammad" in Greek this as predictment by Gospel of John.

Gospel of John 16:7-14 "Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they believe not on me; Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew [it] unto you.".

This is according to ancient Greek's bible,but in new Testament Bible did mentioned otherwise but this Apocryphal Information passed down does made me thought,it really did had misleads alots of christians,even though "Gospel of John did mentioned the word "Parakletos" instead not "Piriklytos" which mean "Advocate " the AL-Quran did mentioned very clearly that Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)(Be Peace Upon Him)as what was given to Moses,the Taurat and what was given to Jesus the Injil(Bible)said that,there shall be a Prophet after Jesus.

Al A'raf 7:157"Those who follow the apostle, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in the Taurat and the Injil..."

Al Saff 61:6"... Jesus,the son of Mary said: 'O children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Taurat (which came) before me and giving glad tidings of an apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad'

Misyar Marriage as in Bible Exodus 22:16:17

"If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged to be married and lies with her, he shall give THE BRIDE-PRICE for her and make her HIS WIFE. If her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to THE BRIDE-PRICE for virgins." Exodus 22:16-17 as in Bible.

This is what the Bible mentions about Misyah Marriage during the period of Jesus Christ, how the followers lead their lives and made practices of Misyar Marriage.But these practices were abrogated before our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)(Peace Be Upon Him)came into existence.
Unfortunately, some splitters of Arab community intend to revitalise and reinforce this Misyar Marriage practices back to today's age and to make this existence possible in today's context and also people like Dr.Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid who supports this practice through his comments in one of his published articles.This scenario is a real setback and that is an insult to ISLAM in particular and those Muslims in general.

Christian men do not practise this anymore since this was abrogated a long time ago and they know that Misyar Marriage practices are very cruel to women and is not practical anymore as accords today's daily lives and context. This was mentioned in the Bible during Jesus period.

Such behaviour of some Arab community, Muslim men really surprise me from time to time with all kinds of invented evil deeds.

Back with this evil mind of some Arabs to deceive others by saying that it is in line with ISLAM practices and they know very well that they cannot even prove any of those Misyar Marriage practices and claim either in the AL-QURAN or AL HADIS, so what they do is just invented lies and totally baseless distorted ideas that befit the words of sexual liars.

This is my main reason in writing this blog to warn the pitfalls, justified and clarified by me on the very gravious intervention made by those splitters of Arab community,which may cause lots of confusion among innocent Muslims.

Do not blind yourself in your prejudiced heart, with your own ideas,that these are all actions made by some in the Arab Community, shall always be in synchronization with ISLAMIC values. This is what I had mentioned before ,that this was a total misconception of human beings and his personal sexual drives.

And it is one of our duties as true Muslims around the world to act against these impervious and invented lies and brutalality against our women. By making this our determination to eliminate this Evil intervention and practices, we as Muslims in true faith and by following the Islamic teachings, is where our responsibilities and duties lie and to make sure that Misyar Marriage should not be taken for granted and treated lightly by those evil creations.

Those followers of Misyar Marriage,either by involving themselves in  the practices, influence or manipulate others shall be made known to the whole world and they shall be held accountable for their acts which is against the principles of Islam. The punishment from ALLAH shall be revealed upon them in the day-after, for whatever destruction that they have done to the society and women in particular, they shall be facing the wrath of Allah in the day of judgment.

These crazy intervention do reward those herds of followers and believers with many bounties to the likes of free flows of sexual advancements without having to worry and feeling guilty in committing those Sins. Since their original intentions were very braved and naive it is clearly against the fundamentals of ISLAMIC teaching.

These actions carried out by those with evil pretentions and who consider themselves to be the champions for ISLAM cause real confusion.By claiming to protect those many, lonely Muslim women just for their sexual advancements are definitely the acts of evil. Only ALLAH have right to judge them that whether defers.

Believers of Misyar Marriage practices always have in their minds,that they do not have to answer to their own actions and be responsible enough that,they also do not have to support these women in terms of financial means. Their main objectives is only to release sexual desires towards these women.

In the treaty arrangements, the believers of these evil mind,and the possibilities confirm these women's future is in their hands, is that they can be just left alone at any moment in time after they are done with these men's lust.

These are the results of Misyar Marriage styles of treaty on par with prostitutions or even worst scenarios then any forms of civilizations we had ever seen,like those sex slaves during World War 2.Whoever does an atom weights of Evil,shall see it in the day of judgment as promised by Allah.

I have seen a few times to be counted, or to calculated as isolated incident whereas my Muslim acquaintances in some Arab Muslim countries, surprisingly they do not feel and have any commitment or guilt at all, by leaving prayers even during Friday's prayer's session.This is an eye opener for me who has always thought that they are the fore frontiers of ISLAM. This makes me rethink about this perception accordingly.

Only those who practices true ISLAM regardless of colours of the skin shall be regarded a true Muslim. Even although this prayer to Allah is one of the most significant pillars of ISLAM.

Sadly, because of some spliters of Arab community actions, it does a lot of damage to ISLAMIC prospects,through their despicable behaviour by introducing an intervention of Misyar Marriage.

As Muslims, we should be weary about adopting ways of wisdom, as mentioned in Al-Quran and Al-Hadis that is revealed by our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)(Be Peace be upon Him)seriously,so that we shall be guided and not to follow the evil path of those that does incur upon themselves.We all did realize that ARAB is the first civilized community to be ISLAM.

And I do understand that some of us in Malaysian community do take them as referrals for examples in religious matters and in our daily lives.This action of those splitters do affect us one way or another. Sadly, because of these acts of those splitters of the Arab community really do create stirs and influences many Malaysian Muslim men to adopt Misyar Marriage.

This is what I had been emphasizing from the begining that, we all are just human beings and only reflects bad behaviour of human beings.It does make a difference in ISLAM,regardless whoever we are... race ,colour of our skin or cultures.It does not matter in the eyes of ISLAM,the religion of ALLAH. Only those that go along with the guided path as mentioned in Al-Quran and Al-Hadis are to be accepted by ALLAH. Allah guides those who are following the right path according to ISLAM not the path of liars and disbelievers.

I do remember, still fresh in my mind, I received a guest, who was a friend and a business associate from Saudi Arabia. I arranged for him to stay at Times Square Hotel in KL, since he arrived at about flight via Qatar Airways. I have prepared for him to have dinner at Campbell's Seafood. I also did ask him if there was anything that he needed after our dinner, as I want him to feel at home and be comfortable as much as possible since this was his first visit to Malaysia and at the same time this is our cultural practice,warm hospitality and custom for being a host.

I was rudely shocked on his reply, as he made a personal request  that he required a young Chinese girl, if possible not more than 20 years old to be sent to his room that night. I was totally shocked that this request came from a man, I had known for a year as he is a marrried 48-year-old man with children, who stays near Madina in Saudi Arabia. I had mistakenly thought before,that he was a serious associate with the background that can be regarded as a religous family man. I could hardly believe my ears that he actually asked for this . After all, we are just a human beings, Allah knows best.

His request did make me ask him to repeat, so that I did not hear him wrong and this time I did listen to him attentively, what he really meant, and he had really caught me off guard specially during our journey, in the car to dinner, as he was counting non-stop his (tasbih)beads typically kind of small plastic round beads tied up together which mostly us Muslims use during prayers as counting trackers.

I was in a dilemma,and my first words were a spontaneous "I try" that came out of my mouth.I was totally lost for words.

I am not a local in KL.I was totally surprised, and I think he knew it from reading my facial reactions and said to me, if I have any problems or is there prohibition of any kind of these activity in KL? I did quickly reply ,since I could not afford to say "Yes" with a big city so comospolitan as KL,so I said, "No".He nodded and understood, and I had to call one of my Chinese friends to see what he can come out with that arrangement and I was fortunate in a great sense, a friend told me,I don't have to know anything, I said that wass great and suited me just fine.

Can you imagine this guy?!. I don't mind at all with his other requests to make him comfortable there but not this special type of request that did not seem right in anyone's perspective,expecially from someone I regarded highly and he was of Saudi origin and my close business associate. I did not want to offend him in anyway I can, I was also told to cough up RM600 plus RM200 for his lust for the night.

When I was his guest in Saudi,a few months back during my few visits there, he treated me well and seemed very nice, pious and polite, definitely these things really did change my perceptions forever and woke me up only when he was right here before my eyes that night.Anyway this was his first trip to Malaysia.

I drove to Malacca for a short trip to meet a friend there in Jasin as I had other preoccupied commitments. Throughout my journey, I kept thinking those episode that really made me being part of that guilt and as cooperative and compromise to that Sin.I was so troubled with that episode,so those intellect readers out there who may reads this blog don't ever let this kind of prostitution to creeps in to the minds of our community.

Specially with this Misyar Marriage intervention, which not only is an act of superficial retaliation to God's will and at the same time inventions creation to amends of God's laws, if we lets this Sin pass through us unchecked ,surely this would become a catastrophic day in ISLAM.

There's no any degree of distinction between Malaysian's Muslims and Arab's Muslims to Allah, only to those have really followed true Islam. I could tell that about Arab community, they could only speaks and writes fluent Arabic linguistic language better then anyone,they're fortunate the Al-Quran was revealed down to earth to Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)(Peace Be Upon Him)in Arabic Language.

Those who are non believers and Non-Muslim faiths, must come to terms that Misyah Marriage is Not related to ISLAM teaching at all. This Misyah Marriage conscripts were clearly done by people without proper knowledge on ISLAM or just its main purpose is to discredit ISLAM or Just opportunist who does acts to fits his tyrant style of behaviours.

Misyar Marriage does happen in Muslim Arab's World, specially in Egypt adopted by Al-Sunni, where their Social Economy status is far deprived compared to Malaysia. For the rationals, it's going to happen right here to my understanding due to the above factors, like ignorance and being heard with limited knowledge on fundementals of ISLAM or Just an excuses to follow blindly because of sexual advances of those Muslims men.

Whatever suits them to fullfill their sexual advances that comes with assurance undercovering the fact that it is supposed to be under ISLAM as "approved religious reasons" by those evils intervention.I really hopes that this Egyptian dont follow the footsteps of their "Egyptian Pharaohs" bad examples,how they had ignored Soloman and ALLAH,they tortured his people and how they treated the women during those period,I can only prays that history dont repeat itself in Egypt.Sadly it's now started to creep into Malaysian Muslims men hearts.

I had been traveling very extensively during my business trips to many Arab's countries before and then, I am not surprised with this specially tailored inventions of this disgraced Misyar Marriage within Arab community. There may be due to many reasons like their poverty, dowry, social status etc, Arab's World does consist of many tribes and they're not naturally homogeneous societies as their hinterland is far and wide.

People might always think an Arab definitely must be an ISLAMIC by virtue of being an Arab as this assumption and thinking does not contruct the truth in reality.

But actual facts, are that the Arabic community does consist of various religious background, and they are Christian Palestinian Arab, Jewish Arab, Christian Arab, Arab Muslim and So forth Misyar Marriage reelects only on the Bad Habits of human beings. It can happen any where in the world, regardless of who they are in any sort of form and what they did just reflects on their bad habits as human beings and their desires rather than on religion factors.

We Muslims knows that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)(Be Peace Be Upon Him)in his life as prophet, revealed by Al-Quran did have few wives, but not like "temporary One" as we see in Misyar marriage,the requirements of Muslims Men("Shariah's laws")ISLAM does permit those Muslims men, who really wants to practice polygamy in whatever circumstances need to adhere very stringently Shariah's law that come with few requirements according to Shariah's laws.

I can understand, why those educated Muslims men who have those required knowledge of the undertaking in Shariah's law would like to excuse themselves out and avoid being involved in polygamy as possible in their lives due to the strict laws. One have to be equally fair to his wives, If One of his wife gets this much quantum of Love the other must also get the same amount, imagine if you stay far away and you're required to divide the exact quantum in everything you do without one's wife getting even a bit lesser to the other?

To me this is very near impossible proposition, I can't imagine those who like to be in quaintness on this position as the consequences of those who fail to carry out those stringent requirements shall cost them to Hell as promised in Al-Quran. "God knows best"IM just a human being.

This how the requirements effort of those noble's Muslims men that does acts as leaders in family's structure by doing these very meaningful and noble means,in particular to leads these unfortunate Muslims women who lives in dires strait of lonelyness ,aloner,poor,orpanage,abused,unliterate and those specially foremost earlier day's intentions in permitting this law towards those poor widowers in their affections ,so that they can able to be in love again so not be left stranded in wilderness of darkness or without having feeling any despairs or any kind of unjustices in religion.

In Muslims families,the men acts as the protectors and providers,while Muslims women play the most very important roles,specially if she able to give birth.For the roles,she was given by ALLAH the tools she really in needs,she now can feels so sorrow and affectionates toward his offsprings and these are very special bondage between a mother and his child.

This automatically develops by maternal's inctincts.These childs when they grow's up and he loves his mother more over his father in equation of three times more.I believes if you asks anyone,who they really cherrish and loves utmost in his lives?definately the answers will be 3 times of his love towards his mother over his father.

I would like to reminds specially,those practices Western Civilization culture to handle and to take good cares of "Her" as she deserved it.Please do bears in minds that all Muslims destiny shall be under her blessing,without her blessing,no Muslim shall entitle to Heaven.These is a special privilege given to Women,I really hope they dont abuse it.Truly this satisfaction's fullfilments in her lifes given by ALLAH as a women,again we see how ALLAH's balance towards HIS creations and the Men doesn't get what was given to the women.

The perfect example was our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)( Peace be upon him)did married his first wife Siti Kaltijah,aloner widow,she as much twice older then himself,but in today's context we really did see all sort of motivated reasons to practice polygamy,Only ALLAH to decide for them,the Heaven and Hell accordingly whether they had adhered the stricts Shariah's laws in practising polygamy.

It doesn't matters whether to enchance his higher level of consciousness in religion or just personal sexual's advancement motivation,Allah knows our palettes,the basic rules of this polygamy,they must follows and adhere according to Shariah's Laws .

And these Muslims women does have theirs own rights to dream these fantasies of the tendering loving lives and its their every right entitlements on these,as Muslims women,this whereas the Muslims men must warrants with these responbilities according of ALLAH instructions which had been written clearly the code of conducts as requirements when adopting lifes as polygamist towards these Muslims women.

These actions does acts as safe protector for them and to cheerishs these poor's Muslims women all about lifes the feelings that should justified being as Muslims women.Muslims men that entered these Polygamy are equips with full amoured pack of knowledges as these what they badly in needs for themselves and as required by Shariah's law,so they are mentally and physically prepared with many challenging manuevers ahead to be expected in anyone that practices Polygamist's life style.

These are the Acts of these noble Muslims men barveries,that we as Muslims should regards them as truth Martyr in religion, for the contributions in improving lifes of his society as they walking on tiny line in between Heaven and Hell,however whether what that they had practiced either the good deeds attributes or bad deeds practiced that only for ALLAH to decides Heaven and Hell for them depending on during his tenure in lifes as the practioners of Polygamists.

Muslims knows ALLAH through His attributes as in AL Quran ,we Muslims try hard as possible to adopts this 99 attributes of His in ours daily lifes and our behaviours .Since we Muslims knows ALLAH by His attributes,His first name ALRahman mean Mercy,this follows again by AL Rahim another roots of His another first Quality attributes meaning Mercy.So we knows ALLAH by this confirmation of His FIRST qualities as the Most Merciful,as mentioned in Al-Quran

"Varely My Mercy Always Overcome My Anger".

Unfortunately as we see in our daily lives, Only those Muslims men without the proper knowledge about this stringent requirements and abilities does the brave pursuits following their ambitious sexual desires drive, that mambo their minds to use naive excuses to practice polygamy by ignoring the Shariah's law. Again we see this as the bad habit of human being which does not come in line with ISLAM.

We also always see and heard stories happening around the world that criticises on Muslims men that condoned a Misyah Marriage is only just an act of sexual brutalities toward Muslims women, critical voices were heard specially by those without apologies trying to synchronize it with ISLAM teaching just because they are Arab doesn't mean they are far superior and knowledgeable in teaching of ISLAM.

There are also groups that claims themselves as liberalists movements and do champions for "Women Right Group" but some of their unscrupulous criticisms just based on religious associated comments but I can say Its not, by actual facts these criticisms are based on their limited true knowledge of ISLAM.This aslo reflects their limited knowledge of understanding on human beings behaviours and his literature.

My bad experience encountered in Saudi Arabia last year 2005,as I recalled an incident happened involving a foreign nurse who was about to leave for home after her contract expired was due to leave for the airport. She was sent off by her company vehicle, instead the driver drove her to adeserted place where he tried to rape her.She was fortunate, her screams for help did attract a stranger's attention to this incident who passed by, she nearly almost charged herself before law because of accusing her attacker who happened to be an Arab citizen by degrading her to commits Zina with him.

This unfortunate adversarial senario which is very common reflects the prejudices in the Arab society. The Law seems to be on her attacker side rather then herself, this incident, may be due to Arab's Society pride, has turned the event in which the innocent nurse from being a rape's victim had almost victimized herself before court of law towards the charge that she had forced a Muslim man in seducing a Zina.

They offered her options, even deep down in their hearts, they knew she was innocent. she must voluntarily drop her own charge and the report she made accusing of rape incident earlier which involved a Arab citizen from Saudi Arabia.As the law of punishments is very severe for those rapists that found guilties as charged in court of law in Saudi Arabia.

I myself took pains to understand why they're trying to adopt Misyar Marriage rather than allowing those unmarried Arab's Muslims Women to marry the Muslims foreign men to reduce the imbalance and deficits in population. Surprisingly they allowed Saudi Men to marry foreign Muslims Women. This is what I said, a simple Logical matters that they dont even know how to handle, Do you think by adopting Misyar Marriage by some Saudis justify the logical imbalance?.

Please think again hard, for me this is a simple act of HYPOCRITES,one of the behaviours that ALLAH prohibits.

This is Forbidden Law which still apply today that forbids Women from Saudi Arabia to marry any Foreign Muslims men.There's aslo law probits any Saudi's women rights to have driving's licence and to drive car.This what we see in our daily lives,suppression acts toward women by these men not because "Religion Requirements"but just plain bad habits of human beings.Maybe this is due their typical Arabian customary men's pride that come with their gross stupidities.

There is no such thing in Islam as this so-called "temporary marriage," but some people who follow misguided innovations that has been introduced into the religion still believe in its validity on something known as "muta'ah marriage," which is a form of temporary marriage. However, this type of marriage was abrogated or cancelled out and is not part of Islamic law ( it was allowed for a brief period during the very early days of Islam, when society was in transition, but was definitively and for all time abrogated during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).You should be aware of such people, and not let your emotions overwhelm you and stop you from following the truth.

Im very relieves,knowing after reading in Malaysia's Newspaper that some of Malaysian's politician bureaucrats and Muftis had come out openly againsts this Misyar Marriage as Evil's Innovation,even though there's also some politician people like those Nik Abdul Aziz from Kelantan in favour of it's innovation implementations.Whoever does an Atom Weights of Evils,shall see it in the day of judgment as promised by Allah.

concluded comments:

I would like to Dedicate this Blog to my good friend, Rose Amar, she is my only inspirational motivation that lead me to write this blog on Misyar Marriage and my only reason to defend "Women Right" as required in ISLAM through my this blog flagship opinions. What I did was based on my ISLAMIC conception's and views without harboring any prejudice toward the ARAB nor Malaysian lecturers personal views. One of the lecturers is a fugitive Noordin Md Top still resides hiding,another,is Dr Azahari,they both were involved in mass murdering innocent's lives,through their crazy Net-Work "Jemaah Islamiah".

Now another new Islamic's lecturer has popped up trying to distort the teaching of ISLAM with his crazy ideas to suggest the Misyar Marriage to be implemented Legally in Malaysia by Dr Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid,he is a lecturer from university of Malaya,Islamic's faculty.When this lecturer surfaced this time with explosive proposals on Misyar Marriage, my thought,were like Oh god not again,my mind flew to recall also one of them, Malaysian's lecturer,Dr Azahari that was shot and killed by Indonesian Army.

Coincidentally that time,I was at Surabaya Hilton International hotel,having my business lunch with Malaysian's retired General Chief of Army,Tan Sri.blah.blah best not to mention his name for security reasons and his son with him at that moment.I now realised why he insists on me that only possible to meet-up with him in Surabaya that particular week.An Indonesian's friend called to ask whether we should pay a visit, since Batu was not far away.

I still remember that day, Dr Azahari was killed in kota Batu near Malang, gosh not my imaginary minds a few days later without my knowledge,Dr Azhari body was to be buried in early hours in morning at Jasin Muslims cemetery in Malacca ,I was there too that day,I reached Jasin hours in the evening before his burial.

I was happened to visit a close friend of mine there, on the day his body was about to be buried.So when this time ,another lecturer comes with the news of Misyar Marriage as he suggested to make legal implementations in Malaysia, which have definitely caused a up-roar in the country.

I'm wondering what all these Malaysian's lecturers all up to?.Are they just the craziest fanatic maniacs lecturers around in Malaysia? Should they spend some good quality time to think as to how to raise the values of lives of others instead?Why they always have psychopathic minds that leads to either Physical Destructions or Mental Destructions, by using his valuable knowledge without proper guidance to the will of Allah.

Another friend of mine Amalina,as she affectionally known,she never asked me,not even once to defend her on this absurd distorted Misyar Marriage proposal ideas from a Man that she meet online. But I can read her mind and I do understood her feelings and emotions by those who have openly made discriminated remarks on her and using ISLAM to suit his sexual desires.

This is a very rude insult to all women across Malaysia particularly and the world generally without any base on true ISLAM.My Objection on Misyar Marriage is to be as clear as possible that it is solely based on ISLAMIC teaching prefectures and values and not based on her views or that of mine.

But since this Misyar Marriage have reached its peak climate in Malaysia and it was proposed by an influential figure in Malaysia again by a(lecturer) definitely people like Amalina concerned which is understandable, so does all those Muslims women out there, I do share their feelings too.

With regards to all these strange behaviours from these "Professors in Malaysia" Its best Malaysia's Government to looks onto these matters seriously and made some arrangements with the likes of refreshing courses or sabbatical courses since they looks bored with their teaching's postures as professorship.

If people like Dr Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid is not proper address with this correct Theological understands of ISLAM,then he had set a BAD examples as an ISLAMIC's lecturer in position .The consequences can be very misleading and damaging, as he already voiced his OWN personal's views through Public on Islamic matters. He must fully aware of his action to Societies and ALLAH after what he had done. May ALLAH forgive him because after all he's just a human being with alots of limitation.

He definately does effects the Malaysian's Ummah specially to Muslims Women by his proposals through his attributes,in practising his moves by being prejudice,unjustice,hatres,even with blasphemer 's attributes,where his attributes reflects his behaviour which ALLAH probihited in ISLAM.

Since this Misyar Marriage was abrogated by ALLAH,logically by all means, doesn't even mention in AL-QURAN nor AL-HADIS but only can be found as the verses I which did mentioned earlier in BIBLE,during Jesus Christ period whereas the Christian used to practice.I'm wondering WHY with his Islamic academic's statue could acts with so called,being a Smart Alec"Docterine"and trying hard to bring these Misyar Marriage back in today's accord of generation by revatalise and reinforce the practice that had been deleted by ALLAH.

His definately doing unjustice attributes against Muslim Women and ALLAH(subahanallah),One's of those ALLAH's attributes as I mentioned earlier,ALLAH loves those who does practice justices as a way of his lives even againts themselves.He made mistakes by proposing those issues and done great injustices towards his undergraduates by neglecting his main focus and main responsibility as lecturer in impacting proper knowledges but not with his craziest's philosopher approaches.His actions doesn't fits the position at all,specially in imparting correct ISLAMIC's values by "Teachs to Reach on these young minds."

My polite advice to him "Dont easy out Problem",then the consequences can becoming much bigger"Problematic Chaos"there shall be NO EASIER WAY but ONLY to accept changes to OUR own attitudes and behaviours by only the Hard Way ,this are the facts.As by this lecturer's stupid speech on Public Comments which he said, his suggestions only means for those RICH and Lonely Women,Please cut the craps.

As far I can see Only the Poor and Vulnerable Women that being abused and victimised on these kind of Misyar Marriage.Do you think that the RICH and LONELY women,they are stupid enough to go for those MARRIED man? I dont think So,from my naive propectives,definately they ain't being stupid RICH women to chase after those loose canon? but  only selects those young,enegetic and eligible bachelor rather than sharing their lifes with Married man.

Believes me, there're many bachelors out there that are prepare,willing and readily to be these Rich women's toys,in which these women already proved and showed they're being smart in first place being Rich and they're always blessedby acquires with unique characteristics of being in full control.These reflects again,what in AL-Quran,ALLAH Firman" ALLAH shall never change anyone IF, He or She, themselves dont have the intiatives to change" True Muslims shall ONLY follows as in Al-QURAN and ALHADIS not more not less.

Even now we already had much problems with single Marriage situations that needs to be address and corrected through daily's lives in our " Positive Attitude and behaviour".Lets us adopts wisdom to be good Muslims by follows as what are requires onto us as in AL-Quran and AL-Hadis.

There's a dictintion Malaysia between Civil's Law and Shariah's Law.

In Malaysia the term harmonization automatically alludes to the perennial conflicts between Islamic law and the civil law. In recent years it has been used to replace the term of Islamisation of laws. Apparently, given the recent political developments around the world as well as multi-racial nature of the country, the term Islamisation is rather intimidating and has the potential to send the shivers to non-Muslims that have increasingly become concerned about their rights and future.

However the term harmonization actually means more than just about Malaysian civil and Islamic laws. In the international arena, there are many issues connected to harmonization and it is something necessary and inevitable given the nature of the globalised world today, and, interestingly, to solve some of the problems within our legal system.

As long as the Shariah was implemented fully or partially and the Muslim ummah was going on with it until the turn of the 20th century, no serious question arose whether Islamic fiqh should be partially harmonized with man-made laws or not.

However, the situation changed when the Islamic Shariah was thrown out by the Kemalist Turkish government following the fall of the caliphate in 1924. Instead man-made law was implemented from 1926 onwards, and soon was followed suit by many Muslim countries. During the last century, man-made laws gradually took over the leadership of the ummah and most Muslim-controlled governments have deviated so far away from Islam that ultimately they have become enemy of the Islamic shariah, and instead have become open supporters of man-made laws.

Another phenomenon made the situation worse, i.e. the teaching of these Man-made laws widely all over the Muslim world without giving the students any chance to know the Shariah and to compare between the two. Thus, a large number of educated members of the ummah have become staunch advocates of man-made laws.

According to Dr. Hashim Kamali, harmonization usually should be between two different types of things or ideas. If two things are identical, there is no necessity to harmonize them as they are already in harmony. In the present context according to him, harmonization between Shariah and man-made law, therefore, is feasible and acceptable.

This is because they are not identical. Thus he puts shariah and Man-made law on equal ground to allow this harmonization process to work. Likewise, Dr. Daud Bakar puts both Shariah and Civil law on the same track, so that the chance of harmonization between them would be more practical and feasible.

Let us all follows as what our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)(Allah blessing on him)"In near future all my followers shall consists of those who are "MODERATE" ummah,NOT from those who are "EXTREMIST"and NOR from those who are "LAX".Here we can learns from his message,let's us, all Muslims to strikes the balance in between the "MIDDLE" in all our aspects in lifes as from this ALHADIS.

Islam Hadhari

The term "Islam Hadhari" or progressive Islam has been introduced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to emphasize the central role of knowledge in Islam. Hard work, honesty, good administration and efficiency are equally valued. It also appeals to Muslims to be "inclusive", tolerant and outward-looking.

Islam Hadhari aims to achieve ten main principles:

Faith and piety in Allah
A just and trustworthy government
A free and independent People
Mastery of knowledge
Balanced and comprehensive economic development
A good quality of life
Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
Cultural and moral integrity
Safeguarding the environment
Strong defenses.

Abdullah Mohd Zain, a minister in the prime minister's department says "It emphasizes wisdom, practicality and harmony,". He added that "It encourages moderation or a balanced approach to life. Yet it does not from the fundamentals of the Quran and the example and sayings of the Prophet.


A Misyar Marriage is a unique Sunni Muslim innovation. Misyar marriage is defined as an official marital "relationship" between a man and a woman who do not live together, and where the husband is not financially responsible for a Misyar wife. Misyar can be a temporary arrangement, but unlike the Mut'aah marriage, which ends on the expiration date of the contract, the Misyar has no certain date for divorce, and it is up to the man to divorce his wife whenever, or if ever, he feels like doing so.

The difference between a Misyar marriage and a normal marriage, is that the couple does not live in one household but remain on a visitor's basis. The need for this type of marriage is, in part, the result of economic reality. In Egypt, most young men cannot afford to get married and support a wife and long engagements are common. A Misyar marriage allows him to marry a girl who then stays with her parents. The bride's parents feed and maintain her, and they meet on occasion for marital relations.

Misyar marriage is often done by the poor who hope that someday their marriage will be a normal one where the wife and husband live together. Misyar marriage has been practiced in Saudi Arabia and Egypt for many years. It was legalized in Saudi Arabia by a fatwa issued by Sheikh Abdel Aziz bin Baz and was officially legalized in Egypt by the Egyptian Sunni Imam Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi in 1999.

The Mufti of Egypt is a staunch defender of Misyar marriage. Deprecatingly of Misyar marriage is often different from the original intent for creating this institution. Wealthy Kuwaiti and Saudi men sometimes enter into a Misyar marriage while on vacation. They believe that this allows them to have sexual relations with another woman without committing the sin of adultery.

They travel to poor countries, such as Egypt or Syria, and meet middlemen who arrange the marriage for them. Some men arrange Misyar marriages online. The middleman brings some girls and they pick the one that they like most. These men pay the girl's family some money. Families agree to the arrangement because of the money and the hope that their girl will have some fun and visit places that she can only dream about (i.e. luxury hotels and restaurants).

They also hope for some gifts and at the end of the vacation and that the rich "husband" will give her some money and divorce her (although divorce was not a part of the fatwa which created Misyar marriage).Sometimes the husband keeps the wife for next vacation and sends her some money now and then. Many Misyar wives hope to win the love of their husbands so that they may live with them. Since the wife knows that she will most likely be divorced, but she does not know when, most Misyar wives take care to prevent pregnancy.

Misyar marriage is opposed by Islamic scholars inside and outside of Egypt, especially scholars at the al-Azhar University in Cairo. Those who defend Misyar marriage claim that it is in accordance with Islam is totally distorted. They also say that it gives protection to many women who do not find husbands through traditional marriage,this what BIBLE is referring a way Christianity used to believe.

ALLAH Knows Best !
Im just a human being.


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